How to pick great Ecological Promotional Gifts

Most businesses understand the importance of promotional gifts in building brand recognition and good rapport with customers. However, many customers have become more conscious about the environment and this has forced many companies to ensure that they give only eco-friendly promotional gifts. Giving promotional items that are eco-friendly and reusable not only promotes your business or products effectively but inspire customer loyalty too. However, picking ecological products  versus the non-ecological ones can be a bit challenging. There are some factors and guidelines that help to identify such products. This article highlights how to choose eco-friendly promotional gifts as well as their benefits to a business.

Products with less packaging: Promotional gifts that are packaged with large packing materials may not appear to be ecological in the eyes of the customers. A good example where excessive packaging is used are items that have their individual components separately wrapped instead of packaging them in one main box or gifts that have loads of plastic wrappings around them. Apart from ecological factors, such items may also be frustrating to open.

Items with recycled materials: Most eco-friendly promotional gifts are made of recycled materials. You can know such information by checking the product description. The items can utilize recycled materials in various ways. For example, the use of recycled glass or plastic in some items. Paper items may also consist of recycled fibers. Showing the image that you plan to reuse the materials used to make the promotional products will make customers view your business as an environmentally responsible company that prevents harmful materials from getting into landfill sites. Packaging materials may also be recyclable. Cardboard and paper wrapping or any other packaging material can be made of recycled fibers. Using vegetable based inks to print information on the packaging is another way to make the promotional items more environmentally friendly.

Items that replace less eco-friendly options: Every promotional gift used should be a better alternative to less ecological items. The best promotional items should be more convenient and should be able to replace items used on a daily basis. This will make customers feel that they are part of your green goals and so they will be inclined to use the items regularly so as to make the environment safer. Some of the best ecological promotional items include apparels, bags and totes, bamboo products, eco-friendly USB drives, ecospheres, organic material, plastic, plant and flowers, seeded paper products as well as recyclable binders, folders, journals, circuit boards and giveaways.

Should have your logo and an eco-friendly message: Your company’s name and logo should be clearly written on the promotional gift to let the customers know the face behind the ecological campaign. On the same note, an eco-friendly message, such as “we care about the environment” should be imprinted on the promotional items. The text should be imprinted in such a way that it does not fade faster.
Why use ecological promotional products?

The green movement has become more popular and so many people are trying to choose environment friendly options. Therefore, they prefer using eco-friendly products that help in environmental conservation.

Moreover, consumers know environment friendly companies that cut waste materials as well as develop and adopt green policies. Therefore, the use of eco-friendly promotional items will make you stand out among your competitors.

The opinions of your employees also matter for the smooth operation of the company. Use of eco-friendly policies will make them feel better about their workplace, thereby building loyalty and pride in the employees. Generally, when your staff is happy, they will strive to work harder.

The cost of ecological promotional items is cheaper compared to the cost of non-eco-friendly ones. Therefore, you have no better reason to opt for non-eco-friendly option. Every company can enjoy the benefits associated with the image of being ecologically responsible. Companies that can demonstrate their efforts towards reducing carbon footprint are quite appealing to both potential and existing customers. Therefore, if you use “green” promotional gifts, you will end up building a wide customer base quite quickly. On the same note, you will make a bold statement about your deep commitment and dedication to a healthy planet. Just ensure you order such products from a reliable promotional products company.