Breast Cancer Awareness & Promotional Products


Pink Ribbon Promos for October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is considered the awareness month for Breast Cancer, the ideas is to help raise not only awareness but funds to continue to find a cure. Over the past few years it has been apparent that Breast Cancer has caught so many of us by surprise and is spreading at a very fast rate even with all of the preventative measures in place. In order to bring maximum awareness to this noble and worthy cause, many companies use promotional merchandise to do so on a larger scale.

During this month, races like the Susan G. Komen ‘race for a cure’ will have used promotional products to raise awareness.  There are different types of companies that would benefit from this type of promotional product awareness.  Your company might be looking for some promotional products or promotional swags to promote awareness of breast cancer month.

Products are printed with the familiar light pink ribbon, as pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.  Printed products such as apparel, t-shirts, hats, pens, if you can think of it, it can be used to promote this important cause.

There are a plethora of promotional products available in the market today to spread the Awareness of  Breast Cancer.

Here are some ideas that could be used to promote this cause.


Pink ribbon golf / sport towel-

This golf towel has a design imprinted and 10% of the proceeds of the Pink Ribbon Collection will be donated to cancer research.  This includes a grommet and hook.  Sports towels make great gift ideas because staying in shape and exercising is not a passing trend, it’s a lifestyle choice.


Plush breathable terry cloth sock-

Stock Breast Cancer Ribbon white or pink plush breathable terry cloth, XL adult size ankle length slipper socks with ribbons slip resistant safety tread. Socks are perfect for fundraising events, non profit organizations, healthcare, race for the cure/ fun run events, or gift bag items. Machine washable.


Pink Ribbon LED Light up glow blinkies-

Our flashing Pink Ribbon has 5 red L.E.D.s. Each pink ribbon blinky is individually packed and 2 CR927 batteries are included and installed. The pink ribbon blinkies have a Butterfly connector. A Butterfly connector may create a small hole in the garment you attach it to. There will be a donation to breast cancer research with each pink ribbon item sold.


Pink Ribbon Carabiner-

Here is a great way to promote breast cancer awareness.  This pink carabiner will be a wonderful reminder at any non-profit walk, fundraiser or health event.  Its laser imprinted to show your logo and company name.

Thankfully everyday the number of people who have joined the global community  regarding Breast Cancer Awareness  is growing exponentially.  It is spreading Breast Cancer Awareness using different promotional products and promotional swag. The emblem for this is primarily the Pink ribbons crossed. People usually offer their support of Breast Cancer by using promotional products like t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, wristbands, umbrellas… just think of it and surely it exists.