5 Great Holiday Ecological Promotional Products

Increasing awareness about environmental safety has compelled businesses to choose eco-friendly promotional products for promoting their business, irrespective of the kind and level of the business. Some of the businesses are using holiday ecological promotional products for promoting their business effectively as these products are normally used by people even during the holidays. Check out these cool and unique eco-friendly holiday promotions.-

Mobile Solar Charger -
Why not give the gift that keep giving?  Its frustrating to need to make an important phone call and realize that you do not have any batteries on your phone.  With this great item, you know that you are doing your part for the environment, as this product does not consume any energy, all its power is harnessed by the sun.

Recycled Polyester Fleece -
This is a great gift for women, a great because not only is it beautiful, soft with the two contrasting colors, but it is made from recycled material.  What a great way to promote your brand than with items that people want to use, this is sure to become a colder weather favorite.


Men’s Recycled Performance Polo -
Now, it would not be fair if we provided an awesome gift for the ladies and not the gentleman in our midst.  This honeycomb polo comes with  a cool duo-color, that are decorative and highlight the shoulders and side panels.  This would make a great Christmas promotional item, because not only is it elegant and something that would look great on, but you can wear it with pride, knowing its from recycled material.  Yay!  Go You!

Bamboo Picture Frame -
A picture frame is the type of gift that will be used, if the frame itself is sleek and elegant, then it will be placed somewhere visible, in either your clients home or office.  What do we put in picture frames?  Pictures we love, that make us happy and remind us of good times.  Gifting a bamboo picture frame, not only shows your awareness for the environment, but that whats important to your client, is important to you too.

Pen Holder -
This beautiful and striking pen holder is a great gift to brighten up any space.  Most of us use whatever we can find, whatever is laying around to throw our pens in, most of the time some old mug, usually promotional as well.  Why not create something specifically for this purpose?  It will not only decorate the desk, make it practical to find the pen you want, but it will have your logo elegantly displayed.  Constant re-affirming that you exist, are there, always willing to make your customers life just a little easier.  Go on, think about it, makes sense, doesn’t it?

With this last item, we wrap up our list of useful Eco-friendly Christmas Promotional Gifts.  We hope that this might have given you some ideas as to just what you can gift and how it can be positively perceived by your clients.  If these items are not what you are looking for per se,  and they merely spur as inspiration for what you really want to gift, check out the entire line of products at farfromboring.com.